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What is microfiber?
Microfiber is a superior, innovative, chemical free, hypoallergenic textile for cleaning. It is 100times
thinner than the thickness of human hair. It is made of polyester 80% and nylon(polyamide) 20%.
Why does microfiber clean so well?
Microfiber cloth incredibly enhances cleaning abilities when compared with
gauze, tissue, or other cleaning materials.
Micro powder-like touch
microfiber has soft and delicate micro powder-like touch.
Better absorbing property
Absorbing property of microfiber has been improved by capillary effect through voids between polyester and nylon
formed after splitting, thus microfiber is suitable for wiping cloths application.
Easy care : machine washable
microfiber is machine washable, and has excellent quick-drying.
[ Cross-section of Microfiber, before and after splitting ]
After Caustic treatment, Microfiber becomes splitted into an Orange type of 0.25dpf.