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What is benefit of microfiber cleaning cloth?
- It lifts dirt particles, oily film and hairs from the surface.
- It removes grease and oily film without chemicals so it is environmentally safe.
- It leaves no scratches or lint behind so it can be used safely on any surface.
- It absorbs water much more than ordinary fiber.
- It quickly dries out after washing.
- It is used repeatedly and last long time.
USE of the microfiber cleaning cloth

To clean eyeglasses, sunglasses, camera & telescopic lenses, mobile phone, CDs, LCD, electronic appliance, furniture,
jewelry, crystal goods, tableware, window, floor, musical instruments, automobile interiors & exteriors, industrial cleaner,
sports towel, facial towel, pet towel etc.

How to use it effectively and how to wash it?
It can be used dry for dusting and polishing, or slightly dampened with only water for cleaning, with or without the aid of
chemical cleansers. Machine wash or hand wash is available in warm water. Don't use bleach, softner.